If you were a child of the 80s, growing up with Michael Jackson, Madonna, ALF, (I am dating myself here…), I am sure you have seen this poster; it may have been hanging in your own room and it definitively declares,  “He who dies with the most toys…WIN”.  You […]

The 3 Money Truths I Wished I Knew then…that my ...

“”Sure it would be great to get out of the stock market at the high and back in at the low, but in 55 years in the business, I not only have never met anybody that knew how to do it, I’ve never met anybody who had met anybody that […]

Market Corrections – Time to Sell? Beware!

  In many of my introductory meetings, prospects often approach me in a standoffish state to declare…” I know, I know, you will probably tell me I need to arbitrarily sell my company stock so to make it less than 5% of investment holdings…tell me something new…please…”   With so […]

Low Basis Company Stock…What to Do?

The title of this post sounds so sultry and salacious, but I assure you it is not.  I’ve come across this term through various websites and podcasts related to entrepreneurship and business, rather than Larry Flynt.  Nevertheless, love this term, it will be something I will use in my conversations […]

My Honeybabes…a Side Hustler

Something happens to you when you reach middle age (mid life crisis?!?) when you start to crave better things in life.  We get consumed with the notion, that since we’ve lived more than 40 years of our life, we DESERVE a better house, a better car, a better body, a […]

My Inner Real Estate Investor Self…out of the Closet

More often than not, I encounter many an investor putting their hard earned money in the market with the “hold and pray” strategy. “Oh, I’ve been taught to just buy and hold, and hope I can stomach this roller coaster of a ride.” Unfortunately, more often than not, too many […]

Help!!! The Market is Going Down…What Do I do?

Net Unrealized Appreciation, NUA, What is It?   Having accomplished a lot of financial planning for Silicon Valley executives in Palo Alto and San Jose, the concept of Net Unrealized Appreciation became a topic of importance for those who hold a lot of company stock. Oftentimes, significant value of company […]

Careful when you Rollover your Company Stock!!!

Saving and investing your hard earned money can be a great way to safeguard your financial future. The key to investing successfully is to establish a repeatable process and turning this into a habit. You don’t build Rome in a day and it is the same for the principle of […]

Do this before you Invest!

In my 19 years in the financial planning vocation, I have probably met with over 5,000 families, households, couples and individuals in need of financial planning and money management. These families have a range of asset sizes from $10,000 (I like to call emerging investors) to $500M (and dozens of […]

Are you Good at Saving? Apply this Formula and ...

Your Personal Journey of a Thousand miles does not begin with the First Step… During my 17 year career as a financial planner, trainer and executive coach, I often hear that people are exhausted, and they are exhausted without achieving results. This journey doesn’t necessarily mean a trip, rather it […]

A Journey of a Thousand Miles…