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About Us…Our Reason For Being
Greetings! My name is Rollan Dizon, and welcome to my blog. I can easily tell you about how this blog will do wonders in your life, and how it will cure cancer and all the other ills in this world, but I am not…Thank Goodness!! Hah! Rather, I want simply tell you why I decided to put this little slice of the web together.
My Family                           

My family is probably no different than yours. I married the girl of my dreams, Mimi, whom I met in the Philippines during the Spring of 1997.  God smiled upon me the day He put her together and we are happily married for more than 12 years now (the year today is 2013).  My wife was born in Tehran, Iran, of all places; I was born in the Philippines, my son was born in Russia, and my daughter in the United States. Talk about World Representation!!! We live in a neat little, bluest of the blue working class city of Tracy in Northern California

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Humble Beginnings…
My family, myself and 3 brothers immigrated to the United States when I was 7 years old…talk about faith and confidence in uprooting an entire family to move to a country so different than the Philippines. We came here without much money, though we had support of family. Still, it was tough…not for me, but for my parents. Hey, I was just a kid back then, but boy, do I remember my mother working double full time jobs for almost a couple of years! We barely saw her when we first moved here. My brothers and I actually looked forward to staying up on Friday evenings back in the early 1980s, watching Groucho Marx past midnight, because that was the first time we saw our mother for the week.
Fortunately, with the grace of God, perseverance, and acting in faith, we carved out a fairly comfortable middle class lifestyle. Boy oh boy, the journey was not all sunshine and roses. Money was tight, and I saw firsthand how the scarcity of money can really test the love and bonds of family, and deter folks from living the life they yearn. Thank goodness our religiosity and faith in God kept our family together during these difficult times.

My Career

This upbringing steered me in the path of financial counseling, and I have been in the financial services industry for the past 19 years.  I managed a book of clients consisting of over $1.2B in assets and functioned as an executive coach for our financial planners. The last 7 years of my career, I’ve molded and trained the next generation of planners for a $4T firm, and I know by doing an excellent job of this, we are creating “financial peace” to clients we serve.

My Learnings as a Planner

I am a CFP® Certificant. I have learned so much more than the dollar and cents that come with financial planning.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun evaluating different investments, allocations and risk and reward ratios, by far, the most rewarding was seeing how people “tick”.  You see, finance and financial problems are mere symptoms of behavioral, cultural and/or psych-social issues.  Finance is merely a math problem; with the problem manifesting because of behavior.  This behavior can be from a life not being fulfilled, lack of communication, or host of any other factors.  It is, as I opine, important to link self-fulfillment, continual growth and improvement in one’s life to how people manage their finances.

I have seen many families fragmented because they could not put their pulse on the root issue of their financial problems.  Communication or lack thereof, ignorance are all culprits and I think this is the time.  In my 17 year experience, it is time for me to document my learning, thoughts, and counsel so that my children and their children can gain profit from my insight, my experience.

Our Goal

I love the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve. One particular scene I enjoyed was when Superman went back to his home in the arctic.  In his home he had these “crystals” that allowed him to play snippets of advice from his parents on life, relationships and responsibility.  Guest what; I just learned that the internet can also provide us with these “crystals”.  As I put this blog together, I want my children to be able to turn to this little slice of the web in each and every important phase of their life. From growing up, to going to college, their career, and throughout their retirement; I want them to have a little “something” that will empower them to make good, responsible choices that fulfill their goal in life.

It’s a Journey…not an End

Remember to savor life as a journey and not necessarily hasten to reach the “end”.  My mantra is continual improvement always in all ways.  I truly believe that if you do not grow personally, professionally, spiritually and financially…you start to decay.  I encourage you to stay with us in this journey as we put together this resource.  Here you will find articles both original, and from a collection I have that help us continually improve.  In addition, I will include videos, podcasts, and other multi-media that will make these seemingly “difficult” financial terms, simple and easy to understand.  My acid test is my wife. She is an RN, and do not have a background in finance. If I can educate and help her understand…then mission accomplished.

Our Partnership

I look forward to learning and working together.  What do you mean?  As this blog matures, I encourage you to comment, opine, and give your 2 cents to some of the topics and issues raised.  If you have loved ones that may benefit from this journey, please forward this to them.

Empower yourself…CHEERS!!!

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